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I have a master’s degree in finance and several years’ experience in cost benefit and discounted cash flow analysis. With that technical background, I cannot duplicate the quality of Arpeggio’s financial modeling, but I can understand and appreciate the depth of it. However, as impressive as his financial work is, that’s not what really differentiates Arpeggio’s work. Arpeggio has a keen sense of the end to end process of a successful acquisition. Arpeggio uses that understanding to expertly advise us along the way – including how to “be the adults in the room” when the other side inevitably ignores logic and reacts emotionally, the strategic and non-financial aspects of a deal that would argue for or against proceeding, and the art of negotiations. In short, I am confident that with Arpeggio advising us we significantly increase the likelihood that we will walk away from acquisitions that we shouldn’t complete and close the deals we should. In addition, the terms of the deals we close will be much more favorable to us because of Arpeggio's wise counsel.

Behavioral Medical Interventions Jim Mortensen, President

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