Business Valuation for Business People

Your business valuation engagement should bring you value- even if you are only engaging it for compliance purposes. While this concept seems straightforward – even obvious – it often doesn’t happen in reality.  Clients who engage traditional business valuation firms must contend with dense, esoteric reports, arcane concepts, long turnaround times, and, frequently, value results that simply don’t make sense.

To ensure that you receive full value from the engagement, you should demand a business appraisal firm that is different.  You business appraisal firm should be:

  • Educating – Your provider must successfully educate you not only on what the value of your business of intangible asset is, but why.  You and the other intended users of your business appraisal document deserve to understand the valuation you commissioned, even without an advanced degree in finance.
  • Innovative – Many businesses and other assets do not conform to orthodox business valuation techniques. Specialized data my be required and must be obtained through special research and/or analysis.  Applying conventional techniques can produce a value result that is technically correct, but functionally not useful.  An innovative mindset means that exceptions to rules will be recognized, novel and directly applicable data will be found and the valuation process will be adapted to match the characteristics of the company.
  • Responsive – In business, information only helps you if it is presented in a timely manner.  Your provider must be able to to turn around assignments quickly or the value of the engagement degrades quickly.

Contact us to learn more about how Arpeggio’s educating and innovating approach and responsiveness will produce a successful outcome for your business valuation need.

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