I Need a Fairness Opinion

A fairness opinion is an independent review of the price proposed in a sale and a determination of the fairness of that price, from a financial point of view, for the shareholders. If you are a fiduciary of a company that is contemplating a sale (of the company or a portion thereof), then chances are that you require a fairness opinion. Arpeggio Advisors provides fairness opinion services to guide fiduciaries on providing a fair deal for shareholders and then, as warranted, documenting the fairness of the transaction.

A fairness opinion is an important source of protection for you in the event of a shareholder objection to the transaction. Accordingly, your fairness opinion provider should be:

  1. Experienced: Your fairness opinion provider should understand not only the importance of the the fairness opinion process, but also the preferred appraisal methodology.
  2. Efficient: Once you decide that a fairness opinion is necessary, the transaction happens quickly. You can’t afford to wait for the fairness opinion to come through in order to conclude a transaction. Time kills all deals.
  3. Independent: A fairness opinion provider’s independence is critical to the credibility of the opinion itself. Key components of independence are skepticism and rigor. A fairness opinion that was performed with rigor and that has challenged management’s assumptions along the way is your best insurance policy.

Professionals at Arpeggio Advisors’ have performed numerous fairness opinions for public and privately-held companies. Put their experience, efficiency, and independence to work for you.

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