I Need a Review of an Appraisal Performed by Another Party

If you have not commissioned a business appraisal yourself, you may be impacted by an appraisal prepared by another party.  This can happen in a buy-sell scenario, in a litigation matter, or in another a high-risk engagement, such as a fairness opinion or a complex tax matter.

Reading and understanding a business appraisal report can be intimidating.  How do you know if the appraisal was performed correctly?  How do you know if professional standards were observed?  Can you identify the appraisal’s strengths and weaknesses?  Are there areas where assumptions could be reasonably challenged?

Arpeggio advisors have undergone specialized training, have obtained specialized credentials and and adhere to professional standards involving the review of business appraisals.

For an appraisal review to be effective and useful, it must be:

  1. Relevant: An appraisal review must be relevant to the purpose for which it is commissioned.
  2. Independent: An appraisal review must not be compromised to produce a pre-determined conclusion.
  3. Methodical: an appraisal review must be performed methodically in order to ensure its rigor and reliability.

An appraisal review can address much of the uncertainty that clients feel regarding an appraisal report.  Arpeggio Advisors removes that uncertainty by providing a professional review of the appraisal report and providing findings in a manner that is accessible to the client.

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