I’m Buying a Business

Buying a company is an important and complex financial and strategic decision.  One of the most important, and fundamental decisions, involves price.  Price impacts not only the price you pay, but also how you capitalize the acquisition, and your ultimate return on the investment.

You would not buy a house without an appraisal, and you wouldn’t buy a car without at least researching its value online.  Why would you buy a business with a blind spot regarding its value?

You are much more likely to buy a company successfully when armed with an appraisal that is:

  1. Comprehensive: Blind spots are deal traps.  Instead of wishing for knowledge, count on Arpeggio to provide it for you.
  2. Timely: Deal negotiations are dynamic, and circumstances change quickly.  Your advisor must be able to keep up with the pace or your deal will falter.
  3. Independent: Because of our fee structure, our interests are aligned with yours.  We want to make sure that you do the right deal, not just the first one.  Indeed, sometimes the best deals are the ones that you do not make.

A comprehensive, timely and independent appraisal of the target empowers you to negotiate from a position of strength.  Put Arpeggio to work for you, and secure the edge that you need for a successful outcome.

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