I’m in a Business Dispute

Business disputes are a fact of business life.  When you’re in a dispute, it means that someone is threatening your legal interests.  The dispute may arise with a fellow shareholder, a competitor, a customer, a supplier, or even a government entity.  You may be angry, anxious, annoyed, and/or distracted – the outcome is uncertain.

There are two elements to any business dispute:  Who is legally in the right or wrong, and what is the value of the assets at risk in the dispute.  Whatever the nature or form of the dispute, your financial advisor is a key determinant of your success in the dispute.

If business valuation is part of the damages theory of your case, then your financial advisor, who may be called upon to serve as an expert witness, can serve you best when he or she is:

  1. Experienced: Disputes present a wide variety of shifting challenges.  Experience is the best resource to meet them correctly.
  2. Responsive: Disputes often present challenges and opportunities with very short lives.  Analyses and assumptions may need to be re-assessed very quickly.  You need an advisor who can keep up.
  3. Credible: Ultimately, your financial advisor will be required to present and argue a case for value.  The credibility that comes from experience, training, rigor, and skepticism is central to persuading a trier of fact, a mediator, or a jury of the merits of your case.

Clients rely on Arpeggio Advisors during a dispute for their experience, ability to respond quickly, and commitment to producing credible analyses and conclusions.

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