I’m Thinking of Selling My Business

The decision to sell a business comes about in many ways – a planned exit strategy, a call from an interested buyer, altered business conditions, a sudden change in life circumstances.

Whether to sell your business and at what price and terms represent some of the most critical decisions that you will ever have to make.  Moreover, while you may be selling a business for the first time, the chances are very good that your potential buyers have bought numerous businesses.  The buyers may have an advantage both in experience and in information.  If you have retained an investment banker, keep in mind that they have the same advantages as many buyers.

How will you know if you are being offered a good deal?  How will you know if your time is being wasted? Your transaction advisor must bring:

  1. Experience: There’s no substitute for doing deals when it comes to helping clients achieve successful sale outcomes.
  2. Responsiveness: Time kills all deals. Circumstances can change within hours.  Your advisor must be able to keep up with the pace of your deal and not slow you down.
  3. Independence: Because of our fee structure, our interests are aligned with yours. We want to make sure that you do the right deal, not just the first one.  Indeed, sometimes the best deal is the one that you do not make.

By retaining Arpeggio Advisors, you are leveling the playing field.  A rigorous appraisal of the target empowers you to negotiate from a position of strength.

Put Arpeggio’s rigor, experience, speed of delivery, and independence to work for you, and gain the edge for a successful outcome.

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