Sample Reports

Do you like spending money without knowing what you are buying?  Neither do we.  Yet, many business appraisal firms ask you to do just that – making it hard or even impossible to view samples of their work product and assess their work firsthand.  Arpeggio Advisors’ clients love our reporting format.  It is clean, easy-to-understand, and a fast read, which means you save time and learn information about your business or intellectual property asset that is timely and actionable.

See for yourself.  Click below to view samples of reports actually provided to clients, their financial statement auditors, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Sample Transaction Appraisal (Sell-side)

Sample Stock Option Appraisal  (IRC 409a/ASC 718)Report

Sample Gift Tax Appraisal Report

Sample GAAP Fair Value Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805) Report

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